My Process

The following are the steps to move your initial idea into a fast and secure website, that will connect you with your audience.

The used method has been tested, shown proven results and is constantly being optimized, to make your project shine.

1. Meeting

Let’s meet. Let’s talk. Let’s get started! At this stage, we will work out the roadmap for the project. We will figure out what type of website is ideal for you and determine what goals you have in mind for it. We are going to crate a sitemap and discuss the various page elements. We will also define the scope of the project, what pages and features the site requires, and the timeline for building those out. With all the information on hand I will be able to get back to you and give you a quote.

2. Lo-Fi

A Lo-Fi wireframe is essentially the blueprint of the entire project. This is what helps me to find out how the site and the content is going to be structured and it also helps me to have a general feel for the site. Once I have done all of the research I need and know what users you are going to be targeting, I can then put some of the Lo-Fi elements into action while also working out what needs to be done in order to advance things to the Hi-Fi stage.

3. Hi-Fi

The next step will be to create a solid Hi-Fi prototype. This is done using the Lo-Fi version. This part is very important as it helps to create the userflow and it also helps to determine an end goal of the site. I want your users to know what you do as soon as they land on the site, as this will really help you to encourage sales. We want everything to be clear and transparent, and that is exactly what the Hi-Fi stage is for. This is essentially the skeleton of your site.

4. Design

When we have the skeleton of the site, or as I like to call it, the wireframe, I will then create a Sketch or Photoshop image of the pages and how they are going to look. This is where it gets exciting. I will add various colors, fonts, images and more. I will design the full user interface. When all of this has been done, you will be sent all of the designs and you can then give me your approval.

5. Development

At this point I will have the final design. I am going to take the elements, such as the images and banners and put them into code. This will place them on the actual site. Depending on the project I will use the Word Press platform with a suitable theme or hand-code it with a framework like bootstrap. The result will be a fast and secure site, that will shine by the time I am done with it.

6. Going Live

It’s very important for me to make sure that your site is the best that it can be. For this reason I will test the site on multiple browsers and devices. Once everything works smooth I will put the site live, uploading it to a hosting server. If needed I can also recommend a suitable hosting company to you. I will also chat with you for an hour to show you how to upload your own content, as well as install a new e-mail account for you, using the domain name of the project.

7. Optimisation

Three months of technical maintenance and is included. After that I will work at an hourly rate. Technology is in a constant change, I will support you to keep up!

Like my way of working? Let’s get your project started. Drop me a line.